John V. Charbonneau, Handyman

Licensed General Contractor #1038844

Certified Home Inspector - CHI

Certified Mold Inspector - CMI

John Charbonneau is 4th generation San Franciscan raised in Marin County. He began his construction career in the 80's remodeling homes in Marin County. Later he took a position at Jackson's Hardware in San Rafael where he stayed for 10 years. He went on from there to become a Certified Home Inspector owning and operating  one of the largest and most successful home inspection companies in the State, performing nearly 100 inspections per week!  After a career as a Home Inspector and skilled Defect Recognition Specialist, John became a Certified Mold Inspector and a Pump & Drainage Specialist.


John is still a Certified Home Inspector and Certified Mold Inspector with a thriving handyman business. John continues applying his skills in helping Realtors, Property Managers and Homeowners with small home maintenance projects in Marin County.